Amanda Wildwood

Faerie wing earings on wooden block

Amanda makes magical faerie wings which she turns into jewellery and art. She is inspired by faerie folklore, the mystical Wyre Forest and landscape around the beautiful town of Bewdley. It took Amanda 4 years to develop her faerie wings to make them look as enchanted as possible.

Each wing is made from up to 7 layers and can take up to 3 days to make. She currently sells her work worldwide through her online shop, at events around the UK and she now works with her son Alex at their studio at Bewdley museum. 

Amanda also supplies her wings to art doll makers and sculptors. She has worked closely with the well-known art doll maker Armorel Hamilton, making wings for her mythical characters called Faybles and whose work is endorsed by the artist Brian Froud of the film Labyrinth and Dark Crystal.