Morena Artina - Hare Cottage Art

a canvas painting with a hare hiding at the side of a tree trunk in a pink, purple, lilac misty woodland forest scene.
Misty Forest by Morena Artina

Morena is an intuitive artist. A painting just evolves. You will often see her just standing and staring at one colour she has painted on to a blank canvas. She investigates the paint marks for the signs and shapes that will be the start of her painting and then her imagination does the rest.

A self-taught artist, she does not conform to any traditional rules. Morena will use any medium and any mixture of colours and tools to create her art.

Her inspiration comes from nature. The most popular with her collectors are paintings of wild animals, especially Hares, and Morena has painted hundreds of them, which have been sent all over the world. A collector from the USA described her as “A modern day Beatrix Potter”.

Morena produces a range of gift ware from her designs too, all made in her studio personally, including Mugs, Wrapping Paper, Greetings Cards and Canvas Prints.

She currently sells her work in Bewdley Museum, also in her Etsy Shop and on her website.

Morena invites you to come along to ‘Hare Cottage Art’ at Unit 9 in Bewdley Museum to watch her paint.

Email Morena Artina for more information.