Bernice Le Cornu Cantrill

hammer above anvil

Bernice’s craft involves casting pewter pieces, etching and working with sheet pewter. She designs her patterns from different materials, casts the hot molten pewter into a mould she has taken from the master pattern then files, polishes and hand finishes each item producing unique pieces of jewellery and objet d’art.

Her work can be personalised making any gift extra special. As well as commissions and bespoke items she stocks a range of gifts for all occasions.

Pewter is considered a valuable metal in its own right, it does not tarnish and keeps the polished finish it has when purchased. The pewter Bernice uses is a very high grade alloy, lead free and tin rich, made to BS  specification 5140 (spec A); containing tin, antimony and copper.

Courses and demonstrations are available.

Call: 07714 639085