Local History

About the visit

Join us at Bewdley Museum as we take an in-depth look at the local history of this Georgian town. Through practical activities and walks around, pupils will be able to compare Bewdley with their own local area.

There will be an opportunity to look at  local trades , buildings and the magnificent Telford bridge. If required, information about other forms of transport, e.g. canals, can be covered.

Topics Include

  • Setting the scene
  • Town walk
  • Local trades
  • Museum tour
  • Rope making
  • Clay pipe making
  • Rivers/Canal presentation
  • Canal art activity
  • Artefact handling

Contact us to discuss your options or to book your visit.

Exhibition display of old ropes

What's included

  • Learning sessions at Bewdley Museum/Bewdley Town
  • Activity sheets and other resources

Booking arrangements, costs and availability

Available all year round

Cost £8.00 per pupil, accompanying adults are free of charge.

Maximum of one school class