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Loan boxes

The museum has a range of loan boxes for hire which support the National Curriculum.

Boxes are available for two week loan periods. £10 per loan period, boxes to be collected from the museum.

Loan boxes are not only for schools, any group is welcome to borrow one.

For more information contact us.

Boxes available:


  • gas mask in box (replica) We are unable to provide original gas masks as they contain asbestos. This replica is safe for pupils to handle and try on.
  • baby’s Gas mask
  • War Illustrated Magazine
  • headlight cover
  • incendiary bomb and tail
  • ration book
  • dried egg packet (replica)
  • ARP warden whistle
  • ARP warning rattle (replica)
  • Home Guard photograph

Then and Now

Ideal for Design and Technology Key Stage 1 and 2

Then And Now ThenThen & Now loan box information sheet 629k

Then contains:

  • oil lamp
  • teapot
  • horn Beaker
  • codd-neck bottle
  • curling irons
  • flat iron
  • brass saucepan
  • baby's gown  


Then And Now Now

Now contains:
  • torch
  • teapot
  • plastic Beaker
  • plastic Bottle
  • electric curling irons
  • electric iron
  • aluminium saucepan
  • baby grow


  • pewter tankard
  • glass pop bottle
  • hot water bottle
  • curling tongs
  • combinations 
  • wick trimmer
  • candlestick
  • brass saucepan


  • sampler
  • hand bell 
  • ink well
  • chalk
  • ink bottle
  • slates (replica) these can be used by pupils
  • nib pens (replica) can be used by pupils - please note ink is not supplied 


  • jelly mould
  • horn beaker
  • butter pats 
  • cast iron kettle (replica) 
  • brass weight
  • brass saucepan 
  • horn handled knife and fork


  • brass candle stick
  • ink well
  • shoe horn
  • skirt lifter
  • man's nightshirt 
  • crimpling tongs brass
  • wick trimmer


  • 1950s radio
  • 1930s hair dryer 
  • 1930s electric iron 
  • 1940s man's swimming costume 
  • 1960s vinyl record
  • pre-decimal coins
  • pre-decimal currency converter

Romans and Celts

All the items in this loan box are replicas

Romans And CeltsRomans and Celts loan box information sheet 97K


  • strigil
  • coins
  • knucklebones
  • purse
  • brooch
  • celtic pot
  • boy’s red tunic
  • girl’ s white underdress
  • girl’s blue overdress
  • palla


GeologyAll the items in this loan box are replicas


  • Hecticoceras ammonite (163m years)
  • Dactylioceras ammonite (180m years)
  • Meandrina (80m years)
  • Favosites colonial coral (425m years)
  • Micraster echinoid (85m years)
  • Bi-valve (150m years)
  • Gryphaea
  • fossilized wood


  • cotton gown
  • sugar loaf (replica) 
  • sugar nippers
  • brass manilla
  • horn snuff box
  • clay tobacco pipe
  • George III penny

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